Symbols used with winAPRS(tm)
Courtesy WU2Z, KB2ICI, WB4APR, KG2LB

TXT   Primary Symbol Table (/)   Weather & Objects Symbol Table (\)
! Police, Sheriff Emergency (!)
" Rain  
# Digipeter # Digipeter (Numbered Star)
$ Phone Bank or ATM
% DX Cluster  
& HF/VHF Gateway Gateway (Numbered Diamond)
' Small Aircraft (SSID-7) Crash Site
( Cloudy Cloudy
* Snow Snow
+ Red Cross Church
, Reverse L Shape  
- QTH/House/Verticle Ant.  
. Small X  
/ Dot (Default Symbol SSID-0)  
0 Numbered Circle Numbered Circle
1 Numbered Circle  
2 Numbered Circle  
3 Numbered Circle  
4 Numbered Circle  
5 Numbered Circle  
6 Numbered Circle  
7 Numbered Circle  
8 Numbered Circle  
9 Numbered Circle Gas Station
: Fire Hail
; Campground Park/Picnic
< Motorcycle (SSID-10) Advisory
= Railroad Engine  
> Car (SSID-9) Numbered Car
? Position Server Info Kiosk
@ Hurricane or Tropical Storm Hurricane
A Aid Station Numbered Box
B BBS Blowing Snow
C Canoe Coast Guard
D   Drizzle
E   Smoke
F   Freezing Rain
G Grid Square (6 Digit) Snow Shower
H Hotel Haze
I TCP-IP Rain Shower
J   Lightening
K School  
L Lighthouse Lighthouse
N NTS Station Navigation Buoy
O Balloon (SSID-11)  
P Police Parking
Q   Quake
R Recreational Vehicle (SSID-13) Restaurant
S Space Shuttle Satellite/Pacsat
T Thunderstorm Thunderstorm
U Bus (SSID-2) Sunny
V   VORTAC Nav Aid
W National Weather Service Site NWS Site And W-R DIGI
X Helicopter (SSID-6) Pharmacy Rx
Y Yacht (Sail SSID-5)  
[ Runner Wall Cloud
\ Triangle (DF)  
] PBBS  
^ Large Aircraft Numbered Aircraft
_ Weather Station WX And W-R DIGI
` Dish Antenna Rain
a Ambulance (SSID-1)  
b Bike (SSID-4) Blowing Dust/Sand
d Fire Dept. DX Spot By Callsign
e Horse (Equestrian) Sleet
f Fire Truck (SSID-3) Funnel Cloud
g Glider Gale Flags
h Hospital Ham Store
i IOTA (Islands On The Air)  
j Jeep (SSID-12) Construction (Steam Shovel)
k Truck (SSID-14)  
l Area Locations (Box,Circles,Etc) Area Locations (Box,Circles,Etc)
m Mic Encoder Repeater Milepost With 2 Digit Display
n Node Numbered Triangle
o EOC Small Circle
p Rover (Puppy) Partly Cloudy
q Grid Square (4 Digit)  
r Antenna Restrooms
s Ship (Power Boat SSID-8) Numbered Ship/Boat
t Truck Stop Tornado
u Truck (18 Wheeler) Numbered Truck
v Van (SSID-15) Numbered Van
w Water Station Flooding
x XAPRs (X-Windows/Unix)  
y YAGI @ QTH  
{   Fog
| Reserved (TNC Switch Char.)  
} Diamond  
~ Reserved (TNC Switch Char.)