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Bob Bruninga, WB4APR, US Naval Academy Satellite Lab, Annapolis, MD

This page is no longer live, since MIR occupation ended on 27 August 1999. It is retained here for historical purposes and in hopes of a reactivation in January 2000.

This page monitors MIR's 145.985 MHz packet downlink as seen here at The Naval Academy in Maryland (USA) and captures all packets in Mir Pass Files and holds them for about one day. Where is MIR now?

MIR/APRS Handheld Satellite Comm Test: In early June an impromptu comm test was conducted via MIR to test the viability of using 5 watt handhelds with their own whip antennas to communicate via a conventional UI Digipeater in space. The test was an unqualified success! See the report.

MIR/APRS School Club Roundup 8-13 FEB 1999: The annual ARRL School Club Roundup event encourages schools everywhere to get on the air. This year, in conjunction with the ongoing APRS/MIR school test, schools can also enjoy learning about satellite communications. All you need is a 2m radio, a TNC and a PC. Here are the results so far! Notice that this is only what we see here in Maryland on the East Coast. Western stations will see a totally different downlink.

MONDAY'S RESULTS! We captured four good passes and we are seeing many participants!

TUESDAY'S RESULTS! More UI stations showing up, but two passes were mixed with some VOICE and some SSTV. Notice N0ZHY-7 using only the Kenwood HT!

WEDNESDAY'S RESULTS! Packet is back on... Looking real good! Here is the best SSTV image we got on Tuesday.

THURSDAY'S RESULTS! In the second and third pass today, notice W8XF-7 and VA3PRG-9 using only the Kenwood HT! It is a compressed position report, but plots just fine on the APRS map.

FRIDAY'S RESULTS! Lots of activity today!

SUMMARY of all CALLS! This file has all calls heard including those on the West Coast for all 5 days.

27-29 April 98 SCHOOL DAY TEST. This was the second original APRS/MIR school test period. Since July 98, now APRS has been authorized via MIR for all school experiments on an ongoing basis. Additional info:

  • A List of all stations that were successful
  • original list of schools
  • Original test Announcement
  • First FAQ April 98"
  • Final Report April 98

    The javAPRS MAP you see below with your browser is just one of the many other APRS displays such as BULLETINS, MESSAGES, STATUS, TELEMETRY and LOGS which are included in the various versions of APRS that will run on your PC. To see the full advantages of APRS monitoring of MIR,you should download any of the APRS shareware versions.

    The map below is a replay of the 28/29th Mir School Day test.

    javAPRS Commands (Case Insensitive)
    U or D
    zooms up/down (you may also use PGup/dn)
    L, S, or M
    List stations, Show Status or Messages to Java console
    CTRL or ALT-click
    Centers or Zooms map on clicked location
    Arrow keys
    scrolls map

    An initial APRS/MIR test was held on 11 Mar 98. Its objective was to show the application of APRS one-to-all protocols for improving the visibility of MIR experiments to students and schools.

    OUR STATION: Our MIREX station consists of nothing but a 19" whip antenna feeding a common 2mFM receiver and TNC. The output of the TNC is plugged into one of the office 9600 baud terminal servers which has been TELNETted to port 10001.

    FUTURE: We are looking for other MIREX groundstations to TELNET their TNC output live to us. Stations in Madrid, Mexico, Taiwan and Chicago are under contruction. When complete, you will be able to see LIVE TNC packets from MIR over most part s of the world by TELNETting to port 10001. To see a much more active channel, TELNET to the live APRS feed at port 23. ALthough These are shown here as HTML links, you will not see the raw packets unless you TELNET to them.

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    12 Dec 98 First MIR SSTV images! MIR is now transmitting live SSTV images on many passes. I captured the first days worth and posted the 1st one here (below) and the remainder on our local APRN Page. Initial tests are on 145.985 on weekends but SSTV will eventually move to UHF.

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