Over 450 Web pages in the root directory (as of 2021). I never did a good job of organizing all my web pages. I just have an idea, write it up and post it. Steve Dimse, K4HG showed me how to ftp the files back in 1996 or so and it has been a mess eversince.

If you know of any pages or major topic that I have not linked here, please let me know. Besides APRS and ham radio almost all of the other additions are about my indepth diversions into Solar, Electric Cars, and Geothermal Energy.

  • My Book on Energy: Solar, EV's, Home batteries, etc


  • Handheld UHF garden wire antennas
  • 55' Irrigation Pipe 35 lb push up mast
  • AO-40 Portable Dish Antenna
  • Adding a Sband feed to a 3m TVRO dish: Feed photo, Installed Photo, The SKY track.
  • Automatic Satellite Tracking with the Radio Shack $64 Rotator
  • Mobile Satellite Beams


  • APRS Main Page
  • Spec Addendum 1.1 (approved)
  • Spec Addendum 1.2 (pending)

    APRS Mobile and Satellite Operations

  • Local Voice Repeater Objects to help travelers find local frequencies - - - Very important page for setting up local Digipeaters to provide local info
  • APRS Voice Alert universal contact channel to help mobiles find each other
  • Setups for the Kenwood D700 mobile
  • APRS via the AO-40 satellite

    APRS Network:

  • APRS Field Day Recommendations
  • Fixing 144.39, using the New n-N Paradigm - - - The bible on how to make the 144.39 network work!
  • APRS in the national parks
  • Download Mile Marks file for USA
  • Super-Site Digipeaters some ideas...
  • Digi Plan for Marylaynd/Virginia
  • Fixing LA network or APRS in very high density areas
  • APRS-AT for APRS on the Appalachian Trail
  • NAVITRA Interface for APRS in Japan
  • APRS TouchTone System
  • LIVE local Maryland APRS activity map
  • A DIGI map of the USA showing APRS coverage

    APRS Direction Finding:

  • Direction Finding with APRS
  • Balloon Tracking with APRS using just a mobile and HT.

    APRN, Automatic Picture Relay Network (Mobile WEB-Cam network)

  • APRN

    AVRS, Automatic Voice Relay System (IRLP, EchoLink and I-Link, etc)

  • AVRS, an APRS Control and Display overlay for IRLP


  • Using Amateur Radio for Education
  • ZIP-LAN for easy multi user local LAN
  • Using APRS for Cave Communications
  • APRS Links for Cave Communications
  • Kids Radio Games, CONFLAGRATION
  • Introducing the Kenwood TH-D7 APRS HT
  • NAVITRA (APRS system in Japan)
  • Seventy free 9600 baud Packet channels on 2 Meters


  • My Balloon projects
  • Balloon Tracking with APRS using just a mobile and HT.


  • Dark Sky fix to USNA street lighting
  • APRS-AT for APRS on the Appalachian Trail
  • EV charging along the AT trailheads in MD


  • APRS plotting of DX spots

    ELECTRIC VEHICLES: See also the ENERGY section. I really got into this starting in 2007 or so

  • Using an EV or Hybrid to power your house - - - A very userful page!
  • A list of all EV's available
  • My EVs from 1970 to present
  • My THINK EV's
  • EV Charging at Federal Facilities
  • EV Charging Signs. Lets put up signs everywhere there is an outdoor outlet
  • EV Payback or Breakeven is from Day one!
  • EV misinfomation Most of what you hear about EV's is wrong!
  • EV Charging Everywhere 97% of all EV charging-at-work can be done with 120v outlets
  • Naval Academy blocks EV charging due to misinterpretation of GAO ruling
  • Building your own EV Charge Systems
  • Road Tax issues with EVs and Gas guzzlers
  • Executive Order authorizing payin-to-plugin at work
  • EV Charging signs. Success in getting signs up over outdoor 120v outlets

    ENERGY (DIY) and SOLAR Projects: - - - My house went solar in 2013

  • Energy Choices - My two books on Solar, EVs, Heatpumps, and integrating them for emergency backup power
  • Camp Solar power for scouts and youth demonstrations
  • You still haven't gone solar?
  • Solar Energy at home why Grid-Tie is the only way to go!
  • Powering your house from your EV
  • Geothermal Project. My 6 Ton ground source water-water heat pump
  • Alternative Energy. Frustrations with solar panel bureaucracy in Maryland
  • Emergency Power from your Hybrid or EV Updated!
  • Solar Power at my wife's church now online
  • Dark Sky fix to USNA street lighting
  • My Solar Powered PHEV


  • The Annual APRS Appalachian Trail Golden Packet Event
  • Using a D7 for data entry(troop scores at stations)...
  • PCsat's commemoration of Marconi's 100th and OSCAR-1's 40th Anniversary
  • Run For America. Tracking USNA runners to Groud Zero
  • Army/Navy Football Run 2008

    KIDS, SCOUTS and HAM Radio as a Teaching tool

  • Live List of all other SCOUT stations on the air
  • Scout Camps HAM Shacks
  • FRS Night. A way to get Youth on the radio.
  • APRS-AT for APRS on the Appalachian Trail
  • Kids Radio Games, CONFLAGRATION (radio Clue)
  • The USNA Radio Club W3ADO
  • Darth Vadar's on HAM radio
  • APRS at the 1998 Ft. AP Hill Jamboree
  • On Target Scout Explorers event

    Oceanographic Satellite Link Projects

  • a USNA Satellite Linked Oceangraphic Buoy?
  • Using APRS for tracking Hurricanes

    Our Satellites!

  • Summary of active APRS satellites 2020
  • The original PCsat launched 30 Sept 2001
  • PCSAT2 Launch to Shuttle STS-116 in 2005, Operations page.
  • ANDE for launch on STS-114 Dec 2005, Operations page
  • RAFT for launch on STS-114 Dec 2005, Operations page, Final Days page
  • MARScom for launch on STS-114 Dec 2005
  • ParkinsonSAT ParkinsonSAT Remote Data Relay Satellite
  • Qikcom-1>QIKCOM-1
  • Qikcom-2>QIKCOM-2
  • PSAT launched in 2015
  • PSAT2 launched in 2019
  • PSAT3

    Satellite Stuff:

  • OUTNET A geo transponder carrying APRS messages
  • PSK31 transponder working group
  • Using APRS on the ECHO satellite
  • APRS via the AO-40 satellite
  • PCsat web page
  • Sending Email via Satellite
  • APRS Satellite Tracking and Relay System (ASTARS)
  • CUBESAT and other small satellite project ideas
  • Satellite Tracking info pushed to HT/Mobile radio displays
  • Using the APRS packets system on the International Spaec Station
  • NATS-WEB satellite for free ride to GTO
  • The USNA Satellite Ground Station
  • PSK-31 Satellite Concepts
  • Starshine 6 Project
  • a USNA Satellite Linked Oceangraphic Buoy?
  • Doppler plot using DIGIPAN of NAVY OSCAR 25.

    SOLAR: See also the ENERGY section above.

  • Solar Energy at home why Grid-Tie is the only way to go!


  • APRS Telemetry with the KPC-3+ and KPC-9612+ TNC's
  • MIM Module (Mic-E or Mic-Lite)