Updated 18 Jan 2014, for the first time in 5 years or so! Almost all of the additions are about my indepth diversions into Solar, Electric Cars, and Geothermal Energy. These are all being added in the ENERGY section.


  • Handheld UHF garden wire antennas
  • 55' Irrigation Pipe 35 lb push up mast
  • AO-40 Portable Dish Antenna
  • Adding a Sband feed to a 3m TVRO dish: Feed photo, Installed Photo, The SKY track.
  • Automatic Satellite Tracking with the Radio Shack $64 Rotator
  • Mobile Satellite Beams


  • APRS Main Page
  • APRS SPEC Errata Page, a precursor to APRS1.1
  • Spec Addendum 1.1 (approved)
  • Spec Addendum 1.2 (pending)

    APRS Mobile and Satellite Operations

  • Local Voice Repeater Objects to help travelers find local frequencies
  • APRS Voice Alert universal contact channel to help mobiles find each other
  • Setups for the Kenwood D700 mobile
  • APRS via the AO-40 satellite

    APRS Network:

  • APRS Field Day Recommendations
  • Fixing 144.39, using the New n-N Paradigm
  • APRS in the national parks
  • Download Mile Marks file for USA
  • Super-Site Digipeaters some ideas...
  • Digi Plan for Marylaynd/Virginia
  • Fixing LA network or APRS in very high density areas
  • APRS-AT for APRS on the Appalachian Trail
  • NAVITRA Interface for APRS in Japan
  • APRS TouchTone System
  • LIVE local Maryland APRS activity map
  • A DIGI map of the USA showing APRS coverage

    APRS Direction Finding:

  • Direction Finding with APRS
  • Balloon Tracking with APRS using just a mobile and HT.

    APRN, Automatic Picture Relay Network (Mobile WEB-Cam network)

  • APRN

    AVRS, Automatic Voice Relay System (IRLP, EchoLink and I-Link, etc)

  • AVRS, an APRS Control and Display overlay for IRLP


  • Using Amateur Radio for Education
  • ZIP-LAN for easy multi user local LAN
  • Using APRS for Cave Communications
  • APRS Links for Cave Communications
  • Kids Radio Games, CONFLAGRATION
  • Introducing the Kenwood TH-D7 APRS HT
  • NAVITRA (APRS system in Japan)
  • Seventy free 9600 baud Packet channels on 2 Meters


  • Balloon Tracking with APRS using just a mobile and HT.


  • Dark Sky fix to USNA street lighting
  • APRS-AT for APRS on the Appalachian Trail


  • APRS plotting of DX spots

    ELECTRIC VEHICLES: See also the ENERGY section

  • My EVs from 1970 to present
  • EV Charging at Federal Facilities
  • EV Charging Signs. Lets put up signs everywhere there is an outdoor outlet
  • EV Payback or Breakeven is from Day one!
  • EV misinfomation Most of what you hear about EV's is wrong!
  • EV Charging Everywhere 97% of all EV charging-at-work can be done with 120v outlets
  • Naval Academy blocks EV charging due to misinterpretation of GAO ruling
  • Building your own EV Charge Systems
  • Road Tax issues with EVs and Gas guzzlers
  • Executive Order authorizing payin-to-plugin at work
  • EV Charging signs. Success in getting signs up over outdoor 120v outlets

    ENERGY (DIY) and SOLAR Projects:

  • Camp Solar power for scouts and youth demonstrations
  • You still haven't gone solar?
  • Solar Energy at home why Grid-Tie is the only way to go!
  • Geothermal Project. My 6 Ton ground source water-water heat pump
  • Alternative Energy. Frustrations with solar panel bureaucracy in Maryland
  • Emergency Power from your Hybrid or EV
  • Solar Power at my wife's church now online
  • Dark Sky fix to USNA street lighting
  • My Solar Powered PHEV


  • Using a D7 for data entry(troop scores at stations)...
  • PCsat's commemoration of Marconi's 100th and OSCAR-1's 40th Anniversary
  • Run For America. Tracking USNA runners to Groud Zero
  • Army/Navy Football Run 2008

    KIDS, SCOUTS and HAM Radio as a Teaching tool

  • Live List of all other SCOUT stations on the air
  • Scout Camps HAM Shacks
  • FRS Night. A way to get Youth on the radio.
  • APRS-AT for APRS on the Appalachian Trail
  • Kids Radio Games, CONFLAGRATION (radio Clue)
  • The USNA Radio Club W3ADO
  • Darth Vadar's on HAM radio
  • APRS at the 1998 Ft. AP Hill Jamboree
  • On Target Scout Explorers event

    Oceanographic Satellite Link Projects

  • a USNA Satellite Linked Oceangraphic Buoy?
  • Using APRS for tracking Hurricanes

    Replays and Demos

  • All the DIGIS in the USA

    Our Satellites!

  • The original PCsat launched 30 Sept 2001
  • PCSAT2 for launch on Shuttle STS-116 in May 2005
  • ANDE for launch on STS-114 Dec 2005
  • RAFT for launch on STS-114 Dec 2005
  • MARScom for launch on STS-114 Dec 2005
  • ParkinsonSAT ParkinsonSAT Remote Data Relay Satellite

    Satellite Stuff:

  • PSK31 transponder working group
  • Using APRS on the ECHO satellite
  • APRS via the AO-40 satellite
  • PCsat web page
  • Sending Email via Satellite
  • APRS Satellite Tracking and Relay System (ASTARS)
  • CUBESAT and other small satellite project ideas
  • Satellite Tracking info pushed to HT/Mobile radio displays
  • Using the APRS packets system on the International Spaec Station
  • NATS-WEB satellite for free ride to GTO
  • The USNA Satellite Ground Station
  • PSK-31 Satellite Concepts
  • Starshine 6 Project
  • a USNA Satellite Linked Oceangraphic Buoy?
  • Doppler plot using DIGIPAN of NAVY OSCAR 25.

    SOLAR: See also the ENERGY section above.

  • Solar Energy at home why Grid-Tie is the only way to go!


  • APRS Telemetry with the KPC-3+ and KPC-9612+ TNC's
  • MIM Module (Mic-E or Mic-Lite)