Rolling Clean!
EV's in support of Climate/Science Marches
22 and 29 April 2017

Put your EV signs on your car!
Let EV's be seen!

Bob Bruninga (last name at usna dot edu)
. . .

ROLLING CLEAN! The EVADC and RVA chapters of the Electric Auto Association organized EV drivers for The People's Climate March and Science march on 29 and 22 April 2017 to showcase clean renewably powered Electric Vehicles (EV's). With over 200 thousand people showing up at the PCM, this was an exciting place to show EV's. The PCM folks added our note on EV's on the bottom of their transportation page. We call it Rolling Clean. We did this also for the 21 Jan 2017 Women's March Washington to highlight clean energy transportation. The WMW welcomed our clean sustainable EV's in their planning. We had four objectives:

  • Carpool and drive our EV's en mass to showcase Clean transportation
  • Clearly mark our cars with highly visible signs both enroute and while parked.
  • Circulate through METRO dropoff lots and anywhere else we could get visibility
  • Even the streets of Capital Hill while the tens of thousands walk past on the sidewalks from RFK buses*.
  • We made noise, and talked to anyone that would listen about EV's and clean transportation.

    * Capital Hill: During all these marches, we noticed that the streets between RFK stadium and Capital Hill (Independence, Constitution, North Capital, etc were essentially vacant except for the tens of thousands on the sidewalks walking from the buses at RFK to the Mall. We could circulate with relative ease. Honking and cheering the marchers on, and they cheering back at us in return. But you have to get there first without the complete gridlock of busses trying to get TO RFK from 295. That was bad.

    Sign-up for your March! If you plan on participating, send an email to me at the email above. (my_last_name at usna dot edu) just so we get an idea of who is with us.

    The Goal for Rolling Clean: is to heighten awarness to EV's. We are now in the 7th year of mass production of full size modern EV's and we need to spread the word. There are now over 35 full size modern EV's on the market from dozens of manufacturers as shown upper right. People need to see that EV's are now here and here to stay and there is an EV to meet almost any car need and budget and range. EV's are now better, faster, cleaner, cheaper to buy, cheaper to operate and cheaper to maintain than the average gas car See how!. We think of this as a sort of massive grass roots road rallye to drive to Washington OR their nearest March on 22 and 29 April.

    Best Display Locations: Where possible, the EV's will arrive at locations where they can drop off passengers and be visible for other visitors and marchers to see. All cars are encourged to make their cars highly visible as EV's with homemade self-printed signage below.

    Communications: At any large public gathering, most cell phone service becomes overloaded and it is almost impossible to communicate with cell phones (though texting is better, even texting had 15 minute or more delays at the Women's march). See report. So direct walkie-talkie communications works much better (though much shorter range). We encourage EV drivers to bring along an FRS walkie talkie (they are available at almost any store if your kids dont already have some anyway). EV's use channel 6 tone 6. (remember Route 66!).

    EV Car Signage: Your EV must be visible. That's the whole point! Consider something like that shown above and below. Also print any EV handouts you can think of to give to your passengers about EVs. I prepared an "EV tear-off thingy" you can print and prepare with scissors for them to tear-off our web page links. See below.

    Possible Copyright problem? There is a song of this title Rolling Clean on Youtube by Major Mackerel and I cannot understand most of the Jamacian dialect, but maybe the band would give permision to use it (as long as the lyrics are not offensive!) We need a volunteer to chase this down!.

    You should print your own SIGNS! Your EV and shuttle needs to be clearly marked! Commercial signs on vinyl were over $30, so we suggest you simply COPY the images here and print them on plain paper using the "scale to fit" option and bring your own. Post on all four sides of your vehicle. (and hope it doesnt rain, or put it in a plastic document protector.) I find that the BLUE masking tape works very well and will not leave any mark on your car. After three days of rain after the Women's march, my soaked paper signs were still sticking perfectly with the blue tape (as long as it was initially applied on a perfectly dry surface!).

    . . . . . .

    . . .

    Science March - Solar Mortarboard: The working 10" square Mortarboard(shown here in heavy overcast) can put out good luminance of a 40W Equivalent dimmable LED. I used these Dimable LED's that are on sale $8/ three-pack (normally $16)on sale (subsidized) at Maryland Homedepots). I tested them and they are LINEAR all the way down to 10 volts! With the four 10v solar panels shown here, the bulb is noticibley bright in significantly overcast skies. But in full sun, it was a total failure! The bright sun made the bright-spot LED look just like a specular reflection off something shiny, and the whole point of solar power was lost. But on overcast days, just two 9 volt batteries can light them visibly.

    But for a sunny day, the only LED bulb that makes the point is a frosted bulb, and even the "dimmable" ones are not linear and need a minimum 60 volts at 100 mA. So I strung together 8 rechargable 9v batteries and they will work about a total hour. Putting a push button in line allows you to blink it at people and extend the time for hours.

    Climate March Updated design: During the science march when the batteries ran down, we noticed that the bulbs stated cycling on and off and lasted for another few hours! Apparently they have an Energy Star circuit that causes them to shut down for about 6 seconds and then retry to light. THey will try 2 or 3 times and then delay another 6 seconds ad infinitum. So I put an 86 uF Capacitor across the bulb and then connected the battery through a 400 ohm resistor (1W) and that way the bulb would cycle from the beginning. Then my push button was used to bypass te resistor if I wanted to flash a full-on display.

    See other info about EV's:
  • EV Association of DC/MD/VA
  • Clarification of EV Misinformation
  • Self help promotion of EV charging outlet signs