APRS® MIM v2.0 module
Miniature APRS® GPS and Telemetry Unit for low cost data applications

MIM v2.0 Module (Top View)

The MIM/Mic-E can operate in two configurations:

MIM Mode: In this mode it is simply a TNC that can transmit AX.25 Telemetry packets consisting og 5 Analog channels, 8 digital bits, a BText and GPS data. The module outputs AX.25 packet tones and PTT for connection to any transmitter.

Mic-E Applications: Here are three GPS capable Microphones built from the MIM/Mic-Lite module. The left one is for an 8 pin Mobile radio, the right one is a complete stand-alone Mic-E for plugging into any HT radio mic jack (it has an internal 9v battery for power). And the center one is installed in a larger hand mike and has room for a Thumb wheel switch for selecting the Mic-E message. The other two use a DIP switch for all settings and rates.

In this second photo the MIM/Mic-Lite is installed inside a small Alinco Touch-Tone microphone. The GPS input is via an inline phone jack strung through the center of the coil cord. The right example shows the MIM/Mic-Lite installed as a "dangle" off of the existing Mic cord and 8 pin mic plug.

N9UUR has made a nice WEB page about his use of the MIM/Mic-Lite in his vehicle

For more info, Link to DETAILS

The MIM Module is now available from Prof Bob Twiggs at the Stanford University Small Satellite Development Office.