AFM - Adjacent Property
(this page obsolete as we did not buy the property)

Bob Bruninga, lastname, Annapolis, MD

The map to the right was prepared by Sarah Scott of the Unitarians back in 2009 or so to show how our area fits into the larger community of the Luce Creek Watershed. Our AFM property is right in the center of the watershed and the map showed the lot for sale behind us in dotted red lines (1906). Sarah points out the number of church properties in this 385 acre area as well as a number of parks and trails. There is an informal group that wants to see the trails and natural areas all protected and connected.

Development: This lot, (1906 Lawrence) has been purchased by an adjacent owner for the purpose of preserving it in its natural state. In addition, the entire 100 acres of woods across our western property line are also slated for development of 14 upscale estate sized homes possibly this year (2014). Though a visit to the developer's website suggests that this start date for this Margarets Glen development might be out of date. Although they are adjacent to our property line, they are restricted just like we are from any development in the lower wetlands.

The Lawrence Lot was originally on the market in the 2005/6 time frame for nearly $1M but then was dropped to $330K in the 2010 time frame and then dropped to $145. The Unitarians were unable to move on this property due to their recent purchase and cleanup of 1915 Lawrence.

Possible Luce Creek Youth Wilderness Area: The next Google view below shows how the preservation of this property by a private owner still contributes significantly to preserving the wilderness feel of the area.

Action Required: To finish up a trail system legitimately, several key actions shown in yellow need to take place such as enlisting the Knights of Columbus to allow a trail across their back lot to connect the Baptists and Presbyterians. Hopefully something can be worked out with the 100 acre Margrets Glen property for border trails to connect the Synagogue and along the other side of Luce Creek so that the trail could reach the actual creek waterfront area for possible future activites. If we do nothing, this will never happen. If all area churches keep this plan in mind, then the way may open, as unity in purpose by almost ten local religious groups can only help.


Walking Tour: The remainder of this web page is obsolete as it documented a walking tour of 1906 Lawrence when it was for sale. At this point, we should stay out of it and protect the owners desire to preesrve this area in its natural state. The Google view to the right is oriented upside down to our normal AFM view to show the entrance to the property at the bottom from its perspective on Lawrence avenue. The tour walks straight back (up on this map) until you get to the clearing at the top of the ravine. Then it backs up a bit to take the path to the right and follows that to a tree canopied clearing on a point that overlooks the ravine towards the AFM meeting house. Additional detail is available. See the detailed map, and the survey-plat.

Point: It is on this point, with a nice view of the ravine and the AFM meeting house that we think a small outdoor shelter (gazebo) could be built as a gathering place for a handful of friends, or youth, or meeting area when too many things are going on in the meeting house. The property line goes right through this part of the path, but we still think that a small non-permanent meeting platform could fit on our side of the line. We already have friends meeting outside at times when there are too many committees in work at the same time. This point is near the juncture of the AFM and Unitarian trails. Click for AFM/UU trail map.

Although our connection to the Unitarians must go through this 4-corner conjunction, we hope that the corner property owners will permit this access. Unlike our AFM property, the Lawrence lot is not in the critical area (except for the slopes of the ravine, and so substantial clearing of the lot for development is possible.

The scene below shows the property as seen from Lawrence. This is the south western exposure and is a good place to begin this walking tour just behind the for sale sign to begin the tour.

The Entrance: In about the center of the property is the remnant of a slight road/driveway just to the right of the sign. The approximate width of this road is shown below with white lines.

The Driveway: Going in, the road goes straight to the Ravine and towards the back of the AFM meeting house Once under the trees, the road is more visible with much less growth. Toward the back of this scene below, the road bends slightly to the left into the big clearing.

The Clearings :In the image below, the road has turned slightly to the left about 20 degrees and the first clearing is off to the left and the ravine clearing beyond is starting to become visible.

The Flat Lands: The tree canopy is rather high and deer keep the underbrush seemingly well trimmed. So in this area of the property it is easy to see left and right more or less to the adjacent property lines. You can see how relatively flat and clear the land is here. This view below is looking left (west).

The Ruins: Turning to the right, however, you see a big pile of rubble (below) which appears to be the ruins of a cinderblock structure maybe 12' by 16'(?) that has been completely demolished. Some plywood may have been the roof. This view is east, and through the trees you can see the large grass clearing that belongs to the Unitarians.

The Deer Blind: To the left there are some small piles of rubble shown here to the left of the road. Notice also the remnants of a deer blind up in the tree with a scrap of blue tarp hanging down. You can also see scattered cinder blocks and other debris.

Rubble: Looking back to the right there is another smaller pile of rubble and dumped material. This can give you a good idea of what our AFM propertly looked like back before we began to clear it for our meeting house.

The First Clearing: Moving onward and looking left as shown below, is the narrow first clearing going to the western property line. The deer blind is still visibile in this view. Note how the land is very flat in this area.

The Junction: Moving forward along the road we near the back of the flat part of the land. The road proceeds forward veering slightly to the left. But this place also is where a path splits off to the right. We will come back to this path later. But now we follow the light into the clearing below.

The Ravine Clearing: Below is the clearing that is right at the top of the ravine. It slopes downward maybe 10 feet from the foreground to the background and then at the treeline drops another 15' or so into the ravine. The outline of where you would see the back of the AFM meeting house is approximately shown in the white box. This green clearing is completly impassible due to thorny underbrush. To get around it, we have to back up a bit and take the path to the right.

The Path to the Point: Going back now, we take the path mentioned previously to the right (as shown below).

The path goes over a mound to the left of the tree and then begins to curve to the left.

The Gully: There is a fallen tree across the path as it leads down into a slight gully that leads down into the ravine. This gully has been pretty well filled with dumping material. In the background in this view below, you can see a large tree with wide base. This is a landmark tree with a big hole under it that sits right on the top of the ravine and it marks the left edge of a nice clearing on top of this bank. Our propertly line goes just to the right of the tree, so this half of the clearing is on private property.

The Junk: As we approach the area with the big holy tree, to its left in the below image, we see a good view of the material dumped in this gully. Again no worse than what our own property looked like 20 years ago. Behind it on the left, through the brush we can also see the ravine clearing.

The Point: The view below shows the big holy tree further to the left edge as the path begins to veer slightly to the right to the center of this nice location. We call this Point Pleasant since it commands sweeping views of the clearing, the ravine and the AFM meetinghouse from left to right in this view. The brightness through the trees comes from the large expanse of the AFM building and grounds (without trees).

Our Neighbor on Dubois: In the center of this Point site, we look slightly to the right to see the rear of our neighbor's garage house on Dubois road. You can see one of his windows in the view below. The winter view of his garage/shop are highlighted with the white box.

The Point Pleasant View of AFM: Standing at this same top location in the center of the Point and turning back to the left you can see the big holy tree to the left. The center of this view is centered on the AFM meeting house highlighted in the white box for clarity. In the winter, the meeting house will be quite visible from this location.

Crest Trail to the Unitarians : Turning back to to the right as shown below, the main trail from this site proceeds along this edge of the ravine towards the Unitarian Trail system. Two simulated signs are shown to highlight this area as a major junction of this Luce Creek watershed trail system. This whole area from here towards the Unitarians is relatively level with no steep slopes. Click for AFM/UU trail map.

Point View from Below: This next view is from down in the ravine looking back up the hill to Point Pleasant. Now you can see the big holy tree on the right. To the left of this locatino and slightly down the hill is still on our property and we might be able to someday make a simple screened in shelter for a good gathering site.

Possible Point Pleasant Shelter: The next image is the same view but with a virtual photoshopped overlay of a possible screened in rustic shelter overlooking the ravine. This virtual shelter is a little overly ornate for this application, but it is the only image I could find from this perspective. This kind of screened-in simple low-cost structure could provide a breadth of opportunity for Friends to gather, meet, share, learn and reach-out. You can see the holy tree to the back right. Again, the shelter would need to be a bit lower on the hill to be fully on our property.

Possible New Trail: To improve access to this site, a new shorter path from AFM is possible which begins much closer to the meeting house and avoids the 25 stairs up the steep bank on the other side. This new path shown here to the right in yellow cuts the distance in half and is only about 325' long to the short stairs (shown in green) that would go directly to the shelter. The gently sloping trail contiunes to curve around the point to join the top behind the big tree. This path has been marked off on our property with a 390' length of white string if you care to investigate it. (but wear impenetrable leather shoes to protect from all the broken glass on our side just behind our patio).

Another Possible Point Shelter: The next view below has moved a bit to the left, still looking up at this site from a bit down in the ravine. Overlayed this time at the same location is a different virtual model of a different screened in shelter concept. This shelter is a little ornate for our simplicity testamony, but I like the deck viewing area. Also through the trees behind the shelter and to the right, you can see the large clearing that opens up the vista even in the summer.

I had to find different models from the right perspective to match the view. So ignore the virtual shelter details, they are just representative. to show the potential for this site.

The larger frontal face of this shelter would look out over the ravine and back towards AFM meeting house. It seems that a structure that is open with 360 degree visibility is a good match to the surrounding views. Notice our neighbor's big holy tree is in the center behind the structure (though it does not show through the virtual simulated screen windows).

View from the Ravine Clearing Direction : The following view has moved around to the other western side of this site and was taken looking back east. Now you can see the holy tree to the right and the gully of junk behind it. The cost for a typical screened-in shelter like this of about 180 square feet is on the order of $11,000 (though we might need to add some for the pecularities of this site). See the cost estimator. Or if that doesnt work, See the estimate.

Existing Point View and Future Potential Walkway: Getting back to reality, the next view below (which you have seen before) goes back to the top of this point site and removes the virtual shelter. This location on the Point is where the possible outdoor shelter would go nicely but somewhat down the hill to remain on our property. The big holy tree is off to the left and out of this view. Our AFM meeting house is in the center of this view as and very visible in the fall and winter in the area of the white box.

In the far future, a dream might be a nice elevated walkway identified here by the yellow line that could facilitate our strolling back and forth across the ravine with only about one flight of stairs at each end. See walkway page (though the views on that page are from the opposite side looking back).

Another Point View: This next view from the site has moved to the east (in the direction of the trail to the Unitarians which is off to the left) and taken the image looking again back towards the holy tree. Superimposed on the view is a white box showing where we think the best location of such a shelter would be located. It looks out to the right, over the ravine towards the AFM meeting house. And behind it through the trees you can see the large green clearing which will also have potential for this venu.

Final Views: If you notice the second dead log in the foreground in the above picture with the dead branch sticking up about 45 degrees, you can see the path going to the left just behind that log. In the next view below, you can see that log from the other side (left center), and see how the major trail junction proceeds from there. You can also see the simulated trail signs showing the distances along the trails to the various other Churches and Youth areas.

Luce Creek Interfaith Trail: From this major trail junction, you can see that AFM is critically positioned along the Trail System in the Luce Creek Watershed and all the surrounding churches and Youth areas. Although this view is looking east from Point Pleasant, and the signs show the correct directions to the churches straight ahead, it should be noted that the sign on the left is pointing down hill, into the ravine, where it then goes west and then makes another 90 degree turn to the south. So these 8 locations are physically behind you in this view, though you have to go left and down the hill first to get there from here.

That pretty much concludes the tour of this adjacent property. If you want to proceed now on the path to the Unitarians you can go to the Interfaith Trail System web page that has a lot more detail of the Unitarian's Trails.

Bob Bruninga

Side note: Campfires are allowed in the county as long as a permit is submitted. See forms.