APRStt DTMF Memories on the TH-D7

This is how to program your DTMF memory on a TH-D7 Kenwood HT. Since this particular radio has APRS built-in, there is no real reason for having your DTMF callsign in memory... except that it is a great way to do demonstrations of APRStt.

  • Choose an OVERLAY digit or byte such as 7, if this is an HT, 9 for a mobile.
  • Calculate your DTMF call using the reading how on my two-key method or using K3PO's Callsign Translator.

    Now store your DTMF callsign into your TH-D7 radio:

  • Press MENU and select RADIO and select DTMF.
  • Press OK and then select STORE.
  • Choose memory 1 for your full callsign.
  • Press OK.
  • Enter the NAME for this memory location (optional). I suggest "mycall" for your full call

    Repeat the above process and save your abbreviated callsign in memory location "0". Name it maybe "call" for short.


    To send DTMF data, just press PTT and then the DTMF keypad is active and can be used to send any position or text data followed by your callsign. To send your callsign from DTMF memory, while holding the PTT, just press the MENU key and the last DTMF memory you used comes up. either scroll to memory 0 or 1 as needed and then press OK to activate automatic sending.

    Good luck! Enjoy APRStt