APRStt DTMF Memories on the Alinco DJG7

This is how to program your DTMF memory on an Alinco DJG7 HT.

  • Choose an OVERLAY digit or byte such as 7, if this is an HT, 9 for a mobile.
  • Calculate your DTMF call using the reading how on my two-key method or using K3PO's Callsign Translator.

    Now store your DTMF callsign into your Alinco DJG7 radio:

  • Press the "FUNC" key then release.
  • Press down on the dial on top of the radio to see the menus on the radio.
  • Get to the top level of the Menu where words are surrounded with <...>
  • If you don't see a word with "<" and ">", then press the "MONI LAMP" button to scroll to the top
  • When there, then rotate the knob on top of the radio until you see
  • Press the knob on top of the radio.
  • The screen should show "Auto-dialer 1" and the bottom line will display the contents of this auto-dialer memory location.
  • To chose a different memory, rotate the lower ring of the knob to the desired memory location.
  • You should see a flashing underline cursor.
  • Enter your APRStt two-key DTMF callsign string starting with the "A" and ending with the "#" key.
  • When you have finished typing all of the DTMF digits, press the PTT button on the side of the radio.

    To send APRStt DTMF data, first pres PTT and enter any optinoal position or text data first, ending with the * key. Then finish the transmission with your callsign from either your full call or abbreviation callsign DTMF memory as follows.

  • Press PTT and send any optional Position or text data.
  • Continue to hold the PTT
  • Press the "FUNC" button once.
  • You will see a little "D" appear on the top center of the LCD.
  • Press the "1" to send your callsign from DTMF memory #1 (or other memory).
  • Release PTT. The radio will send all of the DTMF digits in that memory location.

    Good luck! Enjoy APRStt